All students in every grade need to know that their parents and significant adults in their lives are interested in their schoolwork and progress.  In addition, the key responsibilities of a parent should be to encourage your child to have good study habits.


Encourage a specific, but realistic schedule:
Set aside a daily time for homework, study or reading     

 and assist your child in selecting a room and area for homework in an appropriate setting and atmosphere:

no distractions such as music, TV or phone calls
an uncluttered area on which to work
bright light
a dictionary nearby

Encourage your child to rotate homework assignments so that the work for the least favorite subject is not always done last.

Encourage your child to PLAN AHEAD and set time and date schedules for assignments

Encourage your child to question his/her teacher about work that he/she does not understand
Encourage your child to ask for extra help when it is need.


Ask your child about his/her homework.  If assignments are not being brought home for long periods of time, call your child’s teacher to see if there has been a change in the homework schedule.

Ask to review your child’s homework on a regular basis.  Is it neat and is it done with care and attention?  Is it readable?

 your child for his/her tests.  If you never see a test mark, contact his/her teacher.