The Elementary PTA strives to maintain open communication among parents, teachers, staff and administration. It works to enhance the educational experiences of all our children.  PTA meetings are held to inform members not only of activities, but also important School Board decisions and state legislation affecting school children. 

Please check your District calendar for dates and times of PTA meetings.



                We urge you to join the PTA and actively participate!

The needs of students are best met when parents and teachers establish open and on-going channels of communication. Here are some key elements in our home-school communication network:


The Mount Pleasant District Calendar is given to the youngest sibling in the school district in September.  Included in this calendar is information on the school’s mission statement, programs, pre-scheduled activities, school holiday and vacations.  The calendar also lists the dates for the monthly Board of Education meetings, which are held at Westlake High School.  Your attendance at these meetings is encouraged.


This September evening meeting provides an opportunity for parents to visit their children’s classroom, meet his/her teacher and listen to a presentation on the curriculum and daily schedule.


Conferences are scheduled in the Fall for all students.  In additional to these scheduled conferences, you may meet with your child’s teacher at any time.  You may initiate a conference by contacting your child’s teacher and making an appointment.  Always inform the teacher if something happens which might affect your child.  In this way, we can work together to provide for your child’s well-being.


There are periodic progress reports filled out by teachers throughout the school year. 


Registration is held during the month of March, by appointment.  Several days are designated for the registration; please check the school calendar for the dates.  An orientation for parents is held in early Spring to learn about the Kindergarten program.


 This takes place in the Spring at Hawthorne Elementary. During this special evening event families visit the school to celebrate and applaud the achievements and progress of our students.


The school needs written parental notification or written permission in the following situations:

Following an absence
When a child is tardy
When a child is to be dismissed early
When someone else will pick your child up from school
When a child needs to ride a different bus or get off at a different stop
When you want to request a meeting with the teacher
When you need to advise the teacher of family emergencies
When a child should receive medication in school
(a physician’s note stating medication dosage and frequency of administration is also required)
When a child needs to be excused from gym class or recess - if this will be for an extended period of time, please contact the school nurse