Please review and discuss this list of bus safety rules with your child:

Be at your assigned bus stop five minutes before the designated pick-up times so you will be ready when the bus arrives.

Respect the rights of nearby property owners and stand at the curb to avoid traffic.

 Wait until the bus has stopped completely and the driver has opened the door before entering or leaving the bus.

Enter and exit the bus in an orderly manner.

Choose a seat quickly and remain seated until the bus reaches a full stop at school or home.

Obey the bus driver who is in charge at all times and will report misbehavior to the school principal .Written reports are filed

Be courteous to the drivers and other passengers.  Disruption on the bus can cause accidents

Eating or drinking is not permitted on the bus.

Keep hands, head and feet inside the bus.

Never throw anything out of the bus windows.

Keep the floor clear to allow safe movement in an emergency.

Be alert to traffic as you get off the bus.  Move ten feet ahead of the bus until you can see the driver’s face.  Wait for the driver to signal so you know it is safe to cross.  Look both ways before crossing!


With our additional entrance on Brighton Avenue, we ask that parents dropping off their children do so in this area where staff is available to greet your children.  We ask that parents who regularly pick up their children to do so on Brighton Avenue where your child will be dismissed.  Contact our main office to obtain a pass (picture identification). 

Memorial Drive is used only for buses and for those staff members with assigned spots.  It is imperative that Memorial Drive and the traffic circle remain clear of cars at all times.  If you must pick up your child on Memorial Drive, please adhere to the aforementioned parking rules.

If you visit school during the day, please be aware of the no parking signs on the nearby streets.  We also ask that you refrain from parking in the numbered spaces that are assigned to staff.  Parking in the traffic circle is prohibited because it is a fire lane.

Our school policy is to have all students remain in school until dismissal time at 2:55 p.m.  If you must pick up your child during school hours, please send a note to your child’s teacher that day so that he/she is not put on the bus.  Go directly to our Project S.A.V.E. desk and use the sign-out book.  No child will be released to anyone other than a parent (or designated person on the emergency card) unless we have received prior written notification.