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HES-Second Grade Moving Up

HES-Second Grade Moving Up

Principal Anne Stern welcomed the crowd and said. "This is an adventure, second graders! Some adventures are planned far in advance, and others come together more quickly, like today's!" 

Dr. Peter Giarrizzo, Superintendent of Schools said, "Today, we gather to celebrate a very special moment in your lives – moving up from second grade! I want to share a little story with you. You and I have something interesting in common- we both started school here at the same time and you are the very first kindergarten class that I will move up...Keep being curious, keep asking questions, and keep celebrating every step you take as the now Columbus Class of 2027, Westlake Middle School Class of 2030 and the Westlake High School Class of 2034."

Mrs. Stern ended the ceremony which includes several songs and a recognition of each class and their teachers with praise and compliments for their accomplishments and growth at Hawthorne Elementary since arriving there as Kindergarteners, "You gave your best effort and used your words to solve a problem. I know you are ready to move to Columbus." And then she gave them some advice, "Be curious; when we are curious we are eager to investigate and to learn. Be empathetic; treat others the way you want to be treated. Be resilient; keep trying and don’t give up. Be a communicator; when you need help and you want to persuade someone to see your perspective.' 

Mrs. Stern closed her remarks with some words that her students have grown accustomed to hearing over the years at Hawthorne, "Thumbs up if you’ve got it!" And of course every thumb on stage shot up. 

Congratulations to our new THIRD graders and their families.

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