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Art Students Work hard, Have fun

Art Students Work hard, Have fun

In Kindergarten, students were introduced to Pete the paint brush. He taught them how to care for paint materials and explored different painting techniques. Principal Anne Stern said, “It was wonderful to see their creativity shine through their artwork!”

The 1st graders had a unique opportunity to integrate literacy into their artwork. They read the book "Not A Box" by Antoinette Portis and then created their own artwork inspired by the story. Finally, they wrote about their artwork, enabling them to further develop their language and writing skills.

The 2nd graders worked on a fun and collaborative project planning and designing snowflakes. Mrs. Stern said, “Through this activity, they learned that snowflakes are all different, just like how artists are all different. It was a great way for them to understand and appreciate individuality.”

Finally, in the Enrichment classes, the 2nd graders had a blast creating their own thematic Tic-Tac-Toe boards. They used their creativity and critical thinking skills to design the boards and then played against each other. Mrs. Stern added, “It was a fantastic opportunity for them to showcase their artistic abilities while also engaging in friendly competition!”